Working Directly with the Partners

I have been with Tarlow & Co. for about two years now, working in their Tax department. Since joining the Firm, the relationships I have experienced with the partners have been great. They have an open-door policy and associates at all level are always welcomed and encouraged to walk-in to any partner’s office with any question they may have. The Partners are always happy to discuss, review, and clarify procedures, client engagement issues and challenging issues and topics.

Before we begin an assignment, as part of the planning process, each partner reviews all the key points and any special items in the assignment with the staff. The communication lines are open with management and they listen and value your suggestions. They also do their best to accommodate individuals with their professional development.

—Neo Nabi, Senior Tax Associate

Friendly and Respectful Working Environment

Emily Kearns

At Tarlow & Co. everyone is very friendly and respects one another. If you have a question or if you don’t understand something, there’s always someone willing to help. There is good communication among everyone at the firm, from partner down to associate. Staff members are constantly learning something new about the business or industry. Whether it is setting up financial statements for the first time, helping the tax department with the tax returns or helping a client in a new business, you are constantly gaining experience.  During busy season, the partners always make sure to show everyone that they appreciate all the hard work and effort that the staff contributes to meeting deadlines and providing quality client service.

I enjoy working at Tarlow because I have had the opportunity to be totally involved in the audit side of the practice and gain experience in tax as well.  Even when someone has an immediate deadline the next day, they still make time to help me if I need it.

—Emily Kearns, Audit Associate

Interesting Work and Clients

Since joining Tarlow, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and gained experience across almost every industry from manufacturers, restaurants, clothing companies, toy makers, and not-for-profits. In addition, we are given the opportunity to have immediate client interaction, which assist us to really understand and get to know each client and their business.

One of the most rewarding and valuable experiences is the opportunity to work with start-up companies and companies in high growth mode. As their most trusted advisor, we play a big role in helping these clients grow into established companies. As a staff person, I’ve already been a part of a high growth restaurant client going from 1 to 7 locations, with the ultimate goal of a public offering.

The experience of working with established companies has also been vital in my development as a CPA and enjoyment of my work. Learning how profitable and established companies operate has given me the ability to take this knowledge to smaller and less established clients.

The partners at Tarlow believe in involving the staff with every step of the client lifecycle from initial meetings with clients where I’ve learned business development skills all the way to board meetings. This allows us to feel like we are actively involved with each client and helping them achieve success.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be involved in both our audit and tax group, further diversifying my expertise and knowledge. The experience of being a part of every process, from working on the audit of a client and their tax return, allows us to understand how each process comes together and makes the work that more interesting.

—Leigh Downing, Audit Supervisor

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