Financial Health for the Hottest Tickets in Town

The limelight has its own set of rules and unique financial needs and challenges. Tarlow & Co., is a New York City-­based accounting, tax and advisory firm with the entertainment, music and sports industry experience. Our team of specialists will help you navigate complex deals, partnerships and contracts. Whether you are on the road, stage, field, studio, or at your office, you can focus more on your performance and your craft, and less on the bottom line.

Our Entertainment, Music & Sports Services include:

  • Business management services
  • Cash management
  • Estate and personal financial planning
  • Foreign tax assistance
  • Insurance evaluations
  • Music, film and television audits
  • Royalty administration
  • Royalty audits
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax reporting
  • Tax strategy
  • Tax withholding negotiations with government agencies
  • Tour accounting