The Extended Tax Filing Due Date is Today, October 15, 2019

Article Highlights: October 15 is the extended due date for filing federal individual tax returns for 2018. Late-filing penalty Interest on tax due. Other October 15 deadlines. If you could not complete your 2018 tax return by the normal April filing due date and are now on extension, that extension expires today, October 15, 2019. […]

Disaster-Related Tax Losses May Be Less Than Expected

Article Highlights: Limitation to Losses within Disaster Areas Cost versus Market Value Home Tax Losses Home Tax Gains Replacement Properties Home Gain Exclusion The late-2017 tax-reform package changed the rules for personal casualty losses, which now are only deductible if they occur in a federally declared disaster area. As a result, if a home is […]

Earned Income Tax Credit: Used, Abused and Altered

Article Highlights: Purpose of the Earned Income Tax Credit Qualifications Earned Income Qualified Child Credit Phaseout Computing the Credit Investment Income Limit Combat Pay Election Fraud Safeguards Any discussion of the earned income tax credit (EITC) needs to begin with a discussion of why Congress created it in the first place. It has a twofold […]

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Unpaid Taxes?

If you have unpaid taxes that you haven’t yet been making payments toward, it might make you fearful that the IRS will come a-knocking one day to collect on what you owe. Tax debt can quickly snowball from interest, penalties, late fees, and the amount of the taxes due. However, a lot of the scaremongering […]