Divorce & Matrimonial Disputes

Dissolving a marriage can be an extremely emotional and difficult experience. At Tarlow & Co., our Partners and professionals will counsel you on the tax consequences for different financial scenarios. We will also provide a lifestyle analysis to help secure your financial future and resolve any alimony and child support awards. Through our comprehensive discovery process, we will create customized settlement strategies and valuation plans. In addition to the appropriate financial, tax and other important documents, our team of compassionate professionals will make the process more manageable and as smooth and seamless as possible.

Our Divorce and Matrimonial Disputes Services include:

  • Assess short and long term spousal needs
  • Discovery assistance
  • Expert testimony
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Pre­ and post­-nuptial agreements
  • Support income benchmarks
  • Valuation
  • Value/Divide benefits