Financial & Accounting Outsourcing Services

Tarlow Financial and Accounting Outsourcing Services Group will provide your organization with customized services, whether you’re a startup with limited funding and no accounting and bookkeeping staff, or an established business with an internal accounting team. For-profit businesses, as well as, not-for-profit organizations have some significant differences when it comes to financial functions. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, of all types, and have the expertise and resources to meet your specific needs.

As your organization grows and evolves, our flexible services evolve with you. For example, if you’ve reached the point where it would be beneficial to have an in-house accounting staff, we can seamlessly transfer the day-to-day responsibilities to your team and provide more advanced Controller or CFO consulting services.

At Tarlow, we offer three different outsourcing service models

  1. Bookkeeping such as bank reconciliations, recording of financial transactions, 1099 preparation, liaison with payroll service providers.
  2. Controller for financial statements, budgets and projections and expense analysis.
  3. CFO Functions such as banking and financing management, strategic planning and developing key performance indicators.

To follow is an example of how we can tailor an outsourcing solution to fit your needs.

Journal Entries
Bank Reconciliations
General Ledger Process
Reporting to Shareholders, Creditors
Budgets and Projections
Expense Analysis
Cash Flow Management
Business/Financial Plan Preparation
Strategic Planning
Insurance Coordination
Key Performance Indicator

While proper bookkeeping and accounting are critical components of any business’s success, the time, resources, and expertise required to manage these operations can drain your energy and focus. Tarlow Financial and Accounting Outsourcing Services is the smart solution.

Download the Outsourced Accounting Services Fact Sheet.